We welcome you to our new Ethereal Collection, starting off with three products inspired by the universe and all its divinity.  The first three products are: Prism shadows, Crystal Highlighters and the Aphrodite 2.0 Eyeshadow Palette, Extended and Reloaded. Each item has its own unique part in being ethereal. We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Prism Shadows


The Prism shadows ( €9.50) are individual pressed duochrome and multichrome eyeshadows showing unique colour shift based on our hand crafted duochrome pigments. They come in a black compact and are magnetic; you can remolv the shadow from its compact to add to your magnetic palettes. Below, you can see each shade individually displayed within their cases and as swatches.

Crystal Highlighters

The Crystal Highlighters (€11.95) will have you glowing so bright, they can see you in outer space. Inspired by crystals and gemstones, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Opal, Quartz and Calcite will make you feel like a divine beauty. There's absolutely no need to worry that a shade is too light for you! All shades, except for Calcite, don't contain any pigment; they shimmer like true crystals and hardly need any work to make you shine! Click on the product for more information.

The Aphrodite Palette, 2.0: Extended and Reloaded

Fun fact: The front of the palette displays Eros and Ares admiring Aphrodite whilst she's standing in a Scallop on the sea... All of these names are shade names in our palette and as mentioned before, all shade names reflect on Aprhodite's life as told by ancient Greek mythology.

The Aphrodite Palette (€22.50), based on our first palette launch, tells the story of the Goddess of love; Aphrodite. Each shade is named and crafted after significant objects, stories and deities in her life. This palette contains six mattes and six shimmers; these soft and pigmented shades require little to no effort for blending and can become as intense as you would like! There's no need to worry about this palette not matching your skin tone, as this palette contains both cool and warm tones which together make the perfect mix and a palette for all. Click on the product for more information and check out the images below for swatches!